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Maintain your home: what you can do to keep it stunning

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Most negative comments about a home come in the form of lack of maintenance. Unkempt yards and front entrances, peeling paint, dusty ceiling fans and dirty bathrooms are all turn-offs to buyers.

To insure YOUR property is at the forefront of a potential buyers' mind, follow these easy tips:

Keep your home "ready to sell" by ensuring that your front entrance is clean and inviting. If possible, have a few flowering plants at the door.

Make sure cabinets, countertops, refrigerators, stoves, ceiling fans, walls and light switches are clean. Make sure the kitchen is especially clean as it is here that buyers will really be inspecting and a layer of dust on the ceiling fan will have buyers wondering what else has not been kept up

If the home smells good, buyers will buy. When entering, if buyers encounter a fresh scent, it assures them that you are proud of your home and encourage them that they might like living there also. So, no dirty cat litter or messy dog bowls. A plug in air freshener works wonders.

"Stage" your home effectively so buyers can see the space and how it can be used. Remove clutter and an abundance of furniture. Make the living room and bedrooms look as large as possible. Make sure closets are tidy.

Taking these steps will assure you that your home will be seen by buyers in a favorable light.

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